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About Wolf Corp
Wolf Corporation began its journey in 1873 as a maker of mattresses of corn husks, cotton, wool and excelsior. Over the years we have definitely seen our share of definitions of “natural”. We have manufactured waterbeds, latex foam mattresses and futons just to name a few. Each in it’s own time hailed as “natural” or “earth friendly”.

Currently we are striving to reduce our carbon footprint in our daily operations and to continue to produce products that are comfortable and durable as well as recyclable. Our fiber division provides components to our mattress division and in the process we have produced a number of components that are renewable and leave only the smallest of carbon-based usage in their wake.

Whether it is our use of cotton fiber or our newer foam replacement Adventech fiber webs, Wolf is continually striving to bring you the best value in sleeping comfort with a constant eye to low environmental impact.

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