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Garland Robinette
Garland Robinette's remarkable biography is fascinating to all familiar with New Orleans and to all in the art world. He considers that he has lived with an angel on his shoulder since he was a mere child when he was adopted at four-years old. His life and his continual reinvention of his role in his life is both inspiring and rousing. He believes that "his angel" has guided him and protected him for decades through early childhood and as a young man serving in Vietnam. Early careers ranged from being a janitor in a Mississippi River refinery to becoming a television news anchor to receiving his first artist's portrait commission, when he was selected to paint the portrait of Pope John Paul II during the Pope's one and only visit to New Orleans. Garland Robinette believes he has lived an exceptionally lucky life and sees the new collaboration with Flambeau as yet another example of his angel at work.
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1 - 5 (of 5)