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Browse through 8 piece dining room set, 7 piece dining room set, 28 inch lounge chair, 54 inch buffet, 95 inch dining table, 21 inch arm chair, 39 inch side chair from DecO. Shop now and get the best deal.
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About Moda Flame
Moda Flame is where creation comes to life. Moda Flame has been helping contribute to a more environmentally friendly world while lighting up the lives of customers around the globe.

With the introduction of our premier ethanol burning fuel we've created a luxurious line of fireplaces that provide all the heat and beauty of a flame without the negative environmental effects given from standard wood burning, electric or gas fueled fireplaces. With our research and development team constantly setting higher standards and expectations for maximum fuel efficiency, Moda Flame outshines the competition time and time again with new designs, products and accessories.

The Moda Flame design and research team has created a large array of different fireplace designs to accommodate the lifestyle of all our clients, no matter where you're located in the world. From simple stand alone fireplaces for your patio, to intricate coffee table designs for your home or business. We help you light up your room and heat up your life one Moda Flame fireplace at a time.