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Atlas Homewares Modernist Outlet Plate inBlack

There are some great new accessories available here at BEYOND Stores, and with our competitive pricing you know you are going to get a great deal. One of the latest additions to the extensive product line is a wide selection of lighting components.

In a new house, be it yours or if you are away, you are always searching for light switches and outlets with your eyes. But after acclimating yourself, your mind gives your eyes a break and allows your hands to do the seeing. Well, not literally, but the next time you turn a light on or off in your home, try to catch yourself and see if you really looked with your eyes. Outlets are therefore usually uninteresting and boring necessities—but let me introduce you to a brand new selection by the great folks at Atlas Homewares.

Let’s take a quick look at outlet plates, but before examining my favorites, please note that these styles exist for all sorts of lighting components like single rockers, double toggles, combo outlets and more.

Atlas Homewares Venetian Outlet Plate in Aged Bronze

The Modernist Outlet Plate in Black uses exquisite design elements from the 1950-70s eras, making it a perfect choice to replace the standard—or better yet dull—plastic outlet plates. Plus, it comes in either black, polished chrome or brushed nickel, so no matter which one you choose, you are certain to add flair and the final touches to your house.

For a more Mediterranean look, try the Venetian Outlet Plate in Aged Bronze. This is my personal favorite because I absolutely love the ornate trim around the border. As with all lighting component pieces from Atlas Homewares, it comes complete with the proper mounting screws so you can easily check off another do it yourself project.

Last, but not least, I would love to share with you the Zanzibar  Outlet Plate. This particular one is in brushed nickel, but as with the previous two examples, there are several color/finish choices available. The Zanzibar collection is a bold choice that I often envision in penthouses, but the truth of the matter is that it can go well in almost any setting where one is trying to spruce up their home.

These new items are all affordably priced and are easy to install. So my assignment for you is, examine your lighting components and see if they are in need of an upgrade. Let the light, excite!

About the Author: Allison Cooper is an editor and writer for Beyond Stores. In addition to her official capacities here at Beyond Stores, Allison blogs across the web on crafts, gourmet recipes, and the latest in interior design. When not hard at work, Allison enjoys pondering her own decorating projects, knitting, and raising her two sons, Marcus and Noah.

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