Get Yourself a Wine Rack

American Drew Tribecca Flip Top Bar

When we first got married, my husband had a nascent affection with wine and he had collected over 50 bottles. Now, these were certainly not the top of the line, aged for 20 years bottles of wines; although, there were some quality wines. No, for the most part, they were typical table wines made by a variety of vineyards. Slowly, and I mean very slowly, we consumed those bottles while not really caring to replenish the collection with new wines.

Nearly a dozen years later, we have just a few bottles of wine on hand. Enough to have an impromptu party with a few good friends, but, what really bothers my husband is that we don’t really have a place to showcase the few bottles that we do have. I recently noticed that BEYOND Stores has a lovely collection of wine racks. From grandiose pieces like American Drew’s Tribecca Flip Top Bar in Root Beer Color to smaller pieces like the Radford Wine Rack by Uttermost.

Uttermost Radford Wine Rack

Before beginning my quest for the perfect wine storage piece, though, I asked myself, do I need function or form? Function in this case would be a proper wine refrigerator, which is ideal if you are storing wines for many years. However, if you are like me and not in the wine connoisseur business (don’t tell that to my husband), then form—as in a nice furniture unit—can take precedence.

As mentioned above, the Tribecca Flip Top Bar is the granddaddy of them all. It is not the amount of bottles that it can store horizontally—remember wine must be stored on its side to prevent the cork from drying out—because others also have the same capacity. Rather, it is the overall presentation. It comes complete with two doors that double as shelf space, and ample storage room for glasses, pitchers, and more.

American Drew Camden Dark Bookcase Bar in Black

Another excellent piece by American Drew is the Camden-Dark Bookcase/Bar in Black. This elegant piece of furniture sits nicely in almost any dining room or living room. It creates a welcoming atmosphere, especially when the bottom-laid wine rack is filled. This piece, like some many other pieces at BEYOND Stores, is an excellent choice for those looking to make a minor investment in their wine collection. I have decided that a nice wine rack will be the ideal birthday present for my husband next month.

About the Author: Allison Cooper is an editor and writer for Beyond Stores. In addition to her official capacities here at Beyond Stores, Allison blogs across the web on crafts, gourmet recipes, and the latest in interior design. When not hard at work, Allison enjoys pondering her own decorating projects, knitting, and raising her two sons, Marcus and Noah.

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