Counting Down to 2013

Zuo Modern Visage Table Clock in White

Where did 2012 go? It seems like it was only yesterday when we began planning our 2012 New Year’s resolutions and now  2013 is already knocking at our door. Time is constantly moving and one way to make sure we are at the helm of our lives is to make certain we are in control of our time. Of course, the best way to do so is to have some inspirational clocks scattered about your home and office.

BEYOND Stores not only carries a great range of wonderful furniture at unbelievable prices, but also accessories and design pieces such as fashionable clocks. There are over 100 different clocks on offer and many new ones will be rolled out into our product offering in the coming year. Table clocks are very important for two reasons:

  1. They tell time (as a mom of two, I’m always running from carpool to the doctor to afternoon activities for the kids, and so being on top of the time is crucial for me in my day)
  2. They add a new dimension to your desks and buffet pieces

Authentic Models AP104 Art Deco Flight Clock

If you are looking for a modern touch, check out Zuo Modern’s Visage Table Clock. It comes in black or white, and while the shape might be square it is hardly for square people. The chic look, without any numbering, will remind you constantly that you are in charge of time.

Authentic Models Victorian Dome Watch

For those that have their sights set on travel, the AP104 Art Deco Flight Clock by Authentic Models fits the bill. Moreover, be sure to keep this in the back of your mind if you get invited to a housewarming party or are in need of an excellent holiday gift. While the clock face itself does tend to be on the small side, it is an exact reproduction of a 1930s Art Deco flight clock. This hand cast airplane aluminum is nostalgic to say the least and would be a beautiful addition to any desk.

One more desk clock from Authentic Models that should attract your attention is the Victorian Dome Watch. The Roman numeral clock face is angled up, affording you the best view and making sure you keep your eye on the time. The combination of the French finished cherry wood base and brass replica pocket watch covered by a hand blown glass dome creates a truly unique clock that will attract your attention.

And that is really the point. All too often we do not give clocks—the real time keepers—the proper attention they deserve. So if you are going to make big plans in the New Year, then you ought to have a clock that fits the bill and helps you to achieve your goals.

About the Author: Allison Cooper is an editor and writer for Beyond Stores. In addition to her official capacities here at Beyond Stores, Allison blogs across the web on crafts, gourmet recipes, and the latest in interior design. When not hard at work, Allison enjoys pondering her own decorating projects, knitting, and raising her two sons, Marcus and Noah.

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