Beating the Winter Funk

As you can probably tell from my last couple of articles, winter is weighing heavily on my mind and besides providing some ideas and inspiration to add some color and effective heat into your home, I think it is about time that we shared some practical suggestions on how to beat the winter blues and cure our collective cabin fever.

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Family Game Nights

Now this may not work for everyone but being stuck in the house due to the bad weather is the perfect opportunity to spend some time together as a family. Now is a great time to break out some board games, my family has become a little obsessed with the fabulous Ticket To Ride board game recently and we have spent many hours snaking our way across the US, in an effort to build the longest train route. Family Game Nights can also be switched out with a Family Movie Night, a little less interactive but still a great way to hang out together as a family and of course enjoy yet another cup of hot chocolate!

Light Up Your Home

A dark and poorly lit home will only add to a negative heavy atmosphere. To keep the mood light and positive make sure that your home is well lit. Adding table lamps to dark corners of your home is the perfect way to add extra light as well as beauty to your home. Another good idea for creating a bright and warm atmosphere is to light some candles around the home.  If you use scented candles make sure that you stick to one dominant scent so that the smell does not become too overbearing.

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Cook Up Your Own Storm

When the wind-chill is below zero and you have been stuck in doors for days on end, now is the perfect time to spend hours in the kitchen preparing big pots of soups or stews as well baking some warm, comforting baked goods such as breads, muffins and cookies. Investing in some barstools will enable the younger members of the family to reach the high counter tops so that they can also get in on the fun. Barstools are also an inviting way to attract other members of the family to enjoy hanging out in the kitchen and getting in on the fun.


Although this winter season seems to be never ending, try to embrace the beauty of winter and appreciate the changes that every season brings, make sure to stay active and spend as much time as you can tolerate outside going for some brisk walks and enjoying the snowy weather.

About the Author: Allison Cooper is an editor and writer for Beyond Stores. In addition to her official capacities here at Beyond Stores, Allison blogs across the web on crafts, gourmet recipes, and the latest in interior design. When not hard at work, Allison enjoys pondering her own decorating projects, knitting, and raising her two sons, Marcus and Noah.