WINNER! Announcing the Winner of our Hillsdale Bed Giveaway!

Hillsdale Trieste Upholstered Fabric Bed in Chocolate - $649.00
+ Free Shipping at

Congratulations to Tiffany Banks of Sandusky, Ohio for winning our Hillsdale Trieste Bed Pin-to-Win Contest! For the hundreds of others who entered this contest but did not come out on top, stay tuned. We are having another giveaway in the coming days.

Hillsdale Trieste Upholstered Fabric Bed in Pewter - $649.00 + Free Shipping at

Hillsdale Trieste Upholstered Fabric Bed in Pewter – $649.00 + Free Shipping at

We’re interested in your feedback. Is this the sort of prize you’d like to see in our contests? Do you want to hear more about bedrooms and bedroom décor? Let us know!


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Perfect Bedroom Style

Looking to update your bedroom look? We have some great suggestions to make your bedroom pop.

Homelegance Prenzo Poster Bed

Whether you like timeless classics and traditional design or the clean style of contemporary design, Beyond Stores has the perfect bedroom set for you.

Homelegance Prenzo Poster Bed

Homelegance Prenzo Poster Bed

Antique and Vintage Style 

An antique bedroom set is a great choice if you appreciate beautifully crafted furniture that is both unique and rare. If you love antique style furniture but are looking for a more affordable option, consider a vintage style bedroom set. A bedroom set such as this beautiful antique poster bed will give your bedroom a classic and regal feel for a fraction of the price of a real antique. [Read more...]

My Little Cottage: Decorating a Tiny Home

How Would You Decorate a Prefab Tiny Home?

Prefab Tiny Houses Gain Traction

Living Small

We have spoken in the past about the recent trend to downsize as a response to both the economic climate, the desire to live mortgage free as well as the genuine concern of many homeowners to leave a smaller ecological footprint.

Tiny houses are they are often known can range in size from 70 to 200 square feet, the size of a small trailer. Some of these homes have been purpose built from salvaged materials or by companies who specialize in building very small homes. [Read more...]

Design Trends for Summer

bamboo tropical flowers

bamboo tropical flowers

Although I try and stay away from presenting the latest trends or interior design craze, I found the bright and bold home design trends that are popular this summer to be so beautiful and inspiring that I have decided to share them with all of you!

1. Bringing In the Outdoors

Bringing in the outdoors is always a popular choice due to its natural beauty as well as a thrifty way to enhance your home.

Whereas past years have seen the emergence of bombastic and exotic floral arrangements and dried or artificial flower arrangements, a current trend is to fill your home with small bunches of readily available flowers, these can be dotted all around your home and they are available directly from your own garden or even from your local grocery store. [Read more...]

Bringing the Outside In

montana content

Summer is the perfect time to welcome the outdoors into your home. Well, not literally of course, bugs and insects are welcome to stay outdoors! If you are in the planning stages of your home then consider adding an outdoor room to your home that can be used for outdoor dining and relaxation whilst still maintaining privacy for your family.


In the traditional Arab homes, the entire home was built around the courtyard. Featured here is the Karamanli-Haus, built around 1750. Styles vary around the Middle East. (CC BY-SA 3.0 from Franzfoto – Own work via Wikimedia Commons)

A courtyard is an enclosed outdoor room. This is the perfect solution on a busy street where houses are built very close together. In the traditional Arab homes, the entire home was built around the courtyard. Not only was this a perfect way to bring the outdoors into the home, it also makes ecological sense as the courtyard acts as a natural ventilation system, cooling down the home and helping to control the temperature. A home that has been designed with a courtyard in the middle lends itself to glass walls and lots of sunlight as there is no need to worry about privacy issues.


Montana Woodworks Rustic Swingset

Montana Woodworks’ Swing Seat might look like it only goes with a cabin, but a rustic element can fit in with many styles.

Many of the traditional homes in the USA come complete with a wooden outdoor porch. The porch is the perfect way to create a transition between your home and the world outside. A fully or, more commonly partially enclosed porch is also the perfect setting for an outdoor swing and comfortable chairs that offer shade from the sun whilst allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors.

Zuo Modern’s outdoor swing works perfectly.

For those of you who live in the city, the porch is even more important as it allows you to experience the outdoors in an otherwise urban setting. A rooftop porch in the middle of the city can be turned into a wonderful garden. Besides providing a wonderful place to sit, the rooftop porch can also provide food as well as temperature control and a positive environmental impact.

A Screened in Porch

On a hot summer day, a screened in porch is the perfect place to enjoy your outdoor space and cool off. A screened in porch overlooking a lake or the sea is the perfect place to relax whilst watching the sunset every evening.

If you are handy, or up for a DIY challenge you can screen off your porch by yourself, you should also consider installing or having removable screens installed. Another option is to install a rollaway screen that can be rolled into the sides of the house and allows you the option of choosing to enjoy an open porch or a screened in porch depending on the weather, your company or simply your mood.