After a short, well deserved break, I am happy to be back brimming with ideas and inspiration for your home! For many of us, this week marks a return to school, college and nursery. To get this school year off to a great and successful start, I have decided to dedicate the post this week to creating a useful and inspirational homework area in your home. A special place where your kids can do their homework will make studying easier, more productive and hopefully, less of a chore.

Homework at the Kitchen Table

Your house size and limitations as well as the age of your children will determine the scope and nature of the homework area that you can design.  Younger children often require assistance as well as encouragement and support, the ideal spot for them to do their homework is at the kitchen or dining room table.  This way, the parents can tend to dinner and still be available to provide any assistance that is needed at the same time. As well as some space at the table, some cute accessories can make homework a lot more fun. Set aside a special container with a selection of school supplies and to help create a work zone feeling, place a pegboard or bulletin board on the wall by the homework area where both you and your kids can keep track of their school schedule.

A Purpose Built Homework Area

Eurostyle Desk Lamp with Adjustable HeightEven if you only have a small nook under the stairs or in your own home office, a purpose area set aside for homework is an ideal way for your children to get their work done. To help your child focus and stay motivated, it is important to provide adequate lighting, comfortable seating and a space for them to store their books as well as essentials such as a dictionary and writing supplies. As well as the overhead lighting that is already available, provide each child with a desk lamp. Although a specially designed desk chair is ideal, especially for older kids who will (hopefully) be spending extended amounts of time at their workstation, any comfortable chair will do. Do not forget that any modern day work space will also need plenty of electrical outlets for all of the devices that are an integral part of our children’s learning experience.

Get Your Child Involved

The best way to ensure that your child actually makes use of their homework area is to let them get involved in planning it. This may mean choosing the color on the walls or of the table or having a say in the organization of the area by picking out the cubbies, storage boxes or even a fun memo board. School work can be educational and fun, especially if you have a great place to study!


5 of the Best Dining Room Styles, from Vintage to Contemporary

Before choosing furniture for your dining room, decide which functions it is going to serve. Will it be reserved for formal dining occasions, are your kids going to sit and do their homework there? Will it double as your home office?

Then, take a stroll around a furniture store, or take a virtual online stroll and see which styles most appeal to you. Take note of the different colors and materials and keep in mind the proportions and style of your dining area. Whichever style and shape of table you end up choosing make sure to allow at least 3’ between the table and the furniture along the walls.


A traditional dining room set is perfect if you are looking for a place solely for entertaining and eating. A beautiful chandelier and a Dark Chestnut or Distressed Tobacco dining set with matching chairs, creates a classic and tasteful dining area that will encourage your guests to linger around the table and enjoy a relaxing dinner party.


Contemporary Dining: Boraam Zebra Series in Hagen Dining Set

A contemporary dining set will work just as well in a breakfast crook or in a full scale dining room. A contemporary look can be created by using furniture with clean lines and minimal ornamentation. Simple window treatments and light fixtures will complete the look. A contemporary look will be fun and funky and is the perfect space for family gatherings as well as entertaining guests.


Artisan Home Provence 54 Inch Bonded Leather Breakfast Bench seen with full dining set.

Whilst traditionally a dining room set would consist of matching chairs and a table, many contemporary dining sets are comprised of a number of different chairs or by mixing contemporary and antique styles for an eclectic and exciting look. As an alternative to chairs, a long bench can provide an informal and fun addition to a dining room set.


The Hammary Baja Extension Leaf Dining Table in Vintage Umber

Whether your home is a suburban split level in the suburbs or a small apartment in the middle of a busy city, you can create a beautiful vintage style dining area in your home by simply adding some mismatched vintage chairs and a weathered wooden table picked up at a flea market or an antiques store. An antique-style mirror and chandelier will add character and round off the look.


Cheap Pine Dining Table from Beyond Stores

The Jofran Reclaimed Pine Leg Dining Table w/Extension Leaf (with Jofran Slipcover Skirted Parson Chairs)

A quaint, country style is perfect for a warm and comfortable dining experience. Distressed farmhouse furnishing with plaid and striped fabrics, weathered pine tables and kitchen hutches creates a beautiful country style dining area that is perfect for long Sunday afternoon lunches and a comfortable space for the whole family to hang out.

Your dining table is not just a surface to gather around for formal meals or occasions, it is also a beautiful piece of furniture that can set the tone and provide a focal point for the entire room.


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Hillsdale Trieste Upholstered Fabric Bed in Pewter - $649.00 + Free Shipping at BeyondStores.com

Hillsdale Trieste Upholstered Fabric Bed in Pewter – $649.00 + Free Shipping at BeyondStores.com

We’re interested in your feedback. Is this the sort of prize you’d like to see in our contests? Do you want to hear more about bedrooms and bedroom décor? Let us know!


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Homelegance Prenzo Poster Bed

Homelegance Prenzo Poster Bed

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