Perfect Bedroom Style

Looking to update your bedroom look? We have some great suggestions to make your bedroom pop.

Homelegance Prenzo Poster Bed

Whether you like timeless classics and traditional design or the clean style of contemporary design, Beyond Stores has the perfect bedroom set for you.

Homelegance Prenzo Poster Bed

Homelegance Prenzo Poster Bed

Antique and Vintage Style 

An antique bedroom set is a great choice if you appreciate beautifully crafted furniture that is both unique and rare. If you love antique style furniture but are looking for a more affordable option, consider a vintage style bedroom set. A bedroom set such as this beautiful antique poster bed will give your bedroom a classic and regal feel for a fraction of the price of a real antique. [Read more...]

My Little Cottage: Decorating a Tiny Home

How Would You Decorate a Prefab Tiny Home?

Prefab Tiny Houses Gain Traction

Living Small

We have spoken in the past about the recent trend to downsize as a response to both the economic climate, the desire to live mortgage free as well as the genuine concern of many homeowners to leave a smaller ecological footprint.

Tiny houses are they are often known can range in size from 70 to 200 square feet, the size of a small trailer. Some of these homes have been purpose built from salvaged materials or by companies who specialize in building very small homes. [Read more...]