Frosty Colors


Pastel Room cc:

Pastels are everywhere right now.  Frosted pinks, pale blues and light greens have been a big inspiration both in fashion and furniture this winter 2015.  There is something so relaxing and romantic about these lighter colors, and they can be used in most rooms throughout your house.

If you don’t want to give your place a full pastel makeover you can incorporate a few crisp, pastel elements into your interior to create a soft and light aesthetic.

Pastel colors work extremely well in a number of interiors, from a country cottage to a more contemporary looking home.  You can mix, match and layer different hues of yellow, blue, and pink to enhance any design you already have.


Pastels work to enhance a masculine room

If you tend to shy away from designs that are too feminine, you can try going for a more modern use of pastels. For instance, you can mix them with darker, bolder colors and textures to add depth to a room.  For a more masculine look, try using navy blue and turquoise mixed with a light airy blue.  This is the perfect color palette for a modern living area or even a man’s bedroom.

Update a sofa with scattered cushions of neutral and pastels, add a throw and your couch is ready to go.


Stein World Dahlia Chest

The versatility of pastels make them a welcome addition to any room and gives them the ability to mix well with natural elements, particularly woods.  I adore the look of this chest. To me it exemplifies everything that this pastel trend is about: romance, charm and subtlety.  Its pink accents are so pretty and  reminiscent of furniture found in a French country cottage.

Pastels also work very well with darker, richer woods.  Try pairing a pink or blue vase on a deep mahogany or weathered pine wood side table.

Have fun playing around with these gorgeous, frosty and versatile colors and feel free to pin your pastel ideas!

Steve-Silver-Southfield-End-Table-in-Weathered-Pine (1)

Steve Silver Southfield End Table



How to Buy a Bed Online


Homelegance Greenfield Sleigh-Bed

I constantly hear from people who have reservations about buying a bed online, their main reason being that you don’t get to try it before you buy it.  While I do appreciate this concern I’ve got a few suggestions to guarantee you’ll be able to make the right purchase.

Who is it for?

The first thing you’ll need to consider is who in your household the bed is for?  If you are a buying for a child, make sure to go with something your kid can grow into.  A toddler bed is all very well, but your child will outgrow it pretty quickly.

Measure Measure Measure


Standard Bed Sizes

Our customer service team has reported that the majority of customers who return their online-bought bed do so because they purchased one that’s the incorrect size.  Make sure you take careful measurements of the area where you want your bed to go, and then choose a product with the dimensions that will fit that space.  It is also worth making a note of the height of the bed.  Calculate what the height of the bed will be with the mattress.  This is especially important if you have a very low or slanted ceiling.

Get to Know Your Beds


Homelegance Zandra Platform Bed

Purchasing a bed is an investment.  It can be expensive and you’ll want it to be part of your household for many years to come.  It’s important that you familiarize yourself with the types of beds on the market to find one that best meets your long-term needs.


Hillsdale Chatham Canopy Bed

If your home has a contemporary, modern aesthetic, a sleek, streamlined platform bed would be a good option.  A canopy or poster bed would work well in a more traditional, large bedroom with high ceilings.

Storage Solution

Go for a bed that can provide you with extra storage space. Even if you believe your home already has more than enough existing room, believe me, you can never have too much of a good thing.

If you’re short on space consider a storage bed, bunk beds for the kids or a trundle.


Although you can’t physically touch the bed when you’re buying online, read about the product to ensure that it’s made with quality, durable materials.

If you have any other questions on how to purchase the right bed from Beyond Stores feel free to contact us.

An Alpine Winter Wonderland

swiss chalet

swiss chalet

Snow falling outside, reveling in the spirit of the just-passed holiday season. There’s no better time to create an indoor Alpine Winter Wonderland.

The Alpine Lodge look is one of the ‘coolest’ home trends right now.  It’s all about textures, rustic, natural materials, topped with blue and red accents.  We have some great ideas on how to achieve the look this winter.


Artisan Home lodge Pine Coffee Table Set

When you think of an Alpine Lodge the first thing that come to mind is wood.  It is the main element used in every chalet, from floor to ceiling and everywhere else in between.  I am certainly not suggesting you install beams and new flooring, but by cleverly using pine and other natural wood accents you can recreate the look of an Alpine Lodge effortlessly.  A wooden coffee table along with pine side tables really enhances this look.

Chelsea Home Gail Sofa

This sofa is an ideal piece to help transform your living room into an Alpine Lodge.  It exudes warmth and comfort, and with just one or two blankets, throws, and a couple of cushions it wouldn’t look out of place in any Swiss ski chalet.  Remember that upholstered sofas are on trend right now and have a timeless appearance that will take you through many years of enjoyment and relaxation.


Chooty Choo Collection

Cushions and throws create textures and warmth.  Blues and reds layered cleverly alongside white fabrics are the perfect cozy color combination to snuggle into after a long day out on the slopes.  You can bring the chalet look to your home by also reflecting these colors in your wall art.


Sunny Designs Fire Box

You’ll need warm lighting to capture the mood of an Alpine Lodge, but more importantly you’ll need a fireplace. The fireplace is at the heart of almost every alpine ski lodge, and is the key feature that exemplifies how natural woods and stone can come together to bring radiance and warmth. If you don’t have a real log-burning fireplace, you can create the same look with an ethanol or gas fireplace.

For more great ideas on how to recreate an Alpine Lodge be sure to check out all our  living room furniture. 

Big Ideas for Small Spaces


A Smart Studio

With property prices rising and living spaces continually reducing in size, a studio is the only affordable living option for many young professionals.  It can initially seem quite daunting when attempting to fit your whole life into one room.  In truth, with a little inspiration and resourcefulness, and by incorporating some clever design solutions, you can create a perfectly functioning little living space.

Here are my top 6 big ideas for small living.

1.  Vertical Thinking


Wood Shed Oak Wall Mount

If you find yourself short on floor space, think vertically.  Make the most of the walls you have and create storage that extends upwards.  There are countless mounted shelving options, book shelves, ceiling hangers as well as wall mounted flat screen TVs, that can free up that all important space in your living area.

2.  Extendables

When buying a table for a small studio space I highly recommend that you consider one that is extendable.  Drop-leaf tables are great as you can keep them small and only extend them when the number of guests you’re entertaining requires you to do so.


NORDIC Furniture Granite Island Rolling Kitchen Workstation

This Kitchen Island is in my opinion the ideal space saving solution.  I’m excited about it as not only does it make a great kitchen workstation, but it can double up as an extendable table.  If that wasn’t enough, it has both drawer and cabinet storage space, as well as wheels to reposition it out of the way when needed.

3.  Purchases With Dual Purposes


Homelegance Claire Storage Bench with Ottomans

When designing for a studio, think smart to get the most out of every space.   There are a few purchasable items to help accomplish this.  I love any item with a purposeful design and a dual function, especially when it comes to storage solutions.  Check out this great ottoman set.  It offers the perfect seating and storage bench combination.  The tops reverse into storage trays and it is a contemporary as well as functional seating option, perfect for those that like to entertain regularly.

Platform beds are also a great for maximizing storage space.  Make use of the space under your bed by either purchasing one with built in draws or simply organize items in boxes under your bed.

I also absolutely love the idea of using an old chest or trunk as a coffee table to create added storage.

 4.  Create an illusion

The colors you choose to paint your studio can create the illusion of space.  Stick to neutrals and to different shades of the some one color to emit light and enhance your studio.  Don’t use colors that are too bold and rule out any room boarders that can cut up your room and will make it appear even smaller.


Modloft Norfolk Mirror

Mirrors that are positioned carefully can give the impression of more space.  A horizontal wall mirror will give the impression of the room being wider in appearance.  Likewise, by hanging a vertical mirror you can actually add the illusion of height to your space.

5.  Give it away

Small studio living means cutting back on clutter.  Try to stick to the rule, ‘one new thing in, another out’.  I really believe that everything in the home should have a purpose.  If you’re not using something, sell it or give it away.

6.  A Living Quarter

To create the impression of a distinct sleeping area, many studio dwellers curtain off their bed.  I personally dislike this as it cuts the room up, reducing its size and reminding me too much of a hospital bed.  Instead get creative and use other pieces of furniture to separate your sleeping quarters, such as a television stand or a bookshelf.

If you’re in the process of designing a studio or have any great design suggestions pin them to our Small Spaces Big Ideas Board on Pinterest.


How Can I Remove Red Wine Stains From Fabric

red-wine-spillHosting season has already begun and if you’re anything like me that means your house is already being pushed to its limits, filled with guests, children, food and drink.  A dropped plate and a spilled drink are all inevitable consequences of having such an inviting, open house but I’ve learned from my past entertaining mistakes all too well.  I have always tried to be a laid back host with a “don’t cry over spilled wine” attitude.  In the past I simply wiped away a spill nonchalantly and cleaned up the broken glass.  But I have learned from one too many ruined tablecloths, red stains on my favorite shag rug and spots on my carpet. Never leave a spill for later.  This year I already have a stash of things ready for the predictable spillages so I can spring into action as soon as the inevitable does occur.

The Party Kit


Winsome Wood Vinny Wine Rack

  • Baking soda
  • Salt
  • 1 Bottle of water
  • Dustpan & brush
  • Highly absorbent paper towels
  • Masking tape for picking up the tiniest pieces of glass
  • Stain remover stick


  • Pick up and throw out any large shards of glass.
  • Get out your ready to go party kit.
  • Blot excess wine with the highly absorbent paper towels.  Whatever you do, DON’T rub!  It will only worsen the stain.
  • Pour water over the stain to dilute it as much as possible and continue to blot.
  • Pour the salt all over the stain to absorb as much of it as you can.
  • Remove excess salt with a dustpan and brush.
  • Pick up any small shards of glass with the masking tape.


    American Heritage Armono Collection Bar

Other tried and tested solutions:

Baking Soda

  • Make a paste of baking soda and water, 1 part baking soda to 3 parts water
  • Apply paste to the wine stain
  • Leave paste to dry.
  • Clean area with warm soapy water and it should look as good as new.


    Powell Luxe Shag Area Rug

 White Wine

White wine is a tried and tested cleaner-upper of red wine and is almost always close at hand when entertaining.  Pour the white wine over the stained fabric and blot the liquid with a towel.  Remember to not rub it into the stain.


Many swear by milk as a stain remover.  Pour milk over the blemished fabric and blot it up with a towel.

It is also important to mention that no method is totally foolproof.  Some very stubborn red wine stains may have to be tackled by a professional furniture cleaner.